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Authentic Swedish Massage 

20 Hour Course

Immerse yourself in the world of Swedish massage with CarinaKliniken's exclusive 20-hour course, expertly crafted and instructed by none other than Carina herself, our accomplished Swedish expert. For just $1947, unlock a treasure trove of skills and techniques, straight from the heart of Sweden to the comfort of your home or professional space.

White Sand and Stone

Whether you're a homemaker seeking to foster wellness at home, a professional in need of effective stress-busting techniques, or a certified masseur aspiring to broaden your skills, this course, under Carina's personalized one-on-one guidance, offers a golden opportunity to master the revered Swedish massage modality.

Carina, with her rich experience and deep understanding of Swedish massage, will guide you through every nuance of this art. You'll learn everything from the ideal approach and posture to the characteristic Swedish techniques – effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, friction, and vibration – in an intensive, one-on-one learning environment.

At CarinaKliniken, we value a holistic learning approach. Besides the practical techniques, Carina will share the philosophy, history, and significance of Swedish massage, equipping you with a well-rounded understanding of this ancient healing practice.

With this course, you will gain not just practical proficiency, but also a deeper appreciation of the therapeutic impact of Swedish massage on the human body. Essentially, you will be able to recreate the authentic Swedish spa experience, whether in your living space or professional spa.

So, why wait? Step into a journey of wellness, personal growth, and professional enrichment today with CarinaKliniken. Experience the magic of an authentic Swedish massage, and share this gift of healing with those around you. Enroll now to be a part of this enriching journey, and let the Swedish way of relaxation become a part of your lifestyle!

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